How to Make Coffee


Gizmodo explains the ins-and-outs for making a truly great cup of coffee.  There’s a lot of great advice! But.  For most people who buy already-grinded beans from the supermarket and throw it into Mr. Coffee the best thing you can do to take your coffee experience to the next level is to buy a conical-burr grinder and a Bodum French Press.

Drink it black until you’ve developed a palette for the varying tastes of coffee beans (buy good beans too from a place like Stumptown or your local coffee house) and then go back and read Giz’s piece and use their advice to then take your coffee making/drinking experience to a whole’nother level.

I’ve been using the French Press/burr grinder (mine’s not conical and on the low-end at $50) method for a few years now and I haven’t been disappointed.

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  • Savory Tv September 8, 2009, 3:07 am

    I love french pressed coffee. I’ve been using an insulated Bodum, which is nice because it keeps the coffee hot for an hour. What annoys me to no end is when people press the coffee before it’s time, or press the plunger down too quickly resulting in a grungy cowboy coffee mess.