Lollipop Pie


LuxiRare’s “Lollipop-Pie” offers a delectable answer to the problem of portable pie.  The best ideas are solutions to problems you never knew you had.  But all along you’ve had a pie problem.  They’re just too big to carry in your pocket for a jolt of sugary goodness.

Luxi explains thus:

I want a couple of bites, and I want to be done with it. I want to pop open my bag when I’m hungry and taste a little sweetness. I don’t want commitment. I want to be promiscuous with my food. […]

Rotating flavors. Grab and go. In and out. Blackberry, pumpkin, apple, banana…my favorites. You see I am very slutty about my food.

More info and pictures of the process to make these can be found here.

I give up.  The greatest thing ever has already been invented.  It’s pie on a stick in a bite-sized form.  The wheel was pretty great and all, but I think you can see it hanging it’s head in wonder. [via]

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