Orangic Brand Ownership


Leaping off the news that Michelle Obama plans to start an organic food garden at the White House, comes an interesting look into organics at Eat Me Daily (seriously one of the best food blogs going). 

Organics has essentially become an overpriced selling point. It’s no secret that to be certified organic you have to pay the USDA piper, or the agencies it oversees.  The designation signifies nothing.  It’s been coopted by the hegemony of giant farming.  If you want what organics once promised than you have to buy local from a farmer’s market or the farm itself. 

Eat Me Daily was sent a link to the website of Philip H. Howard, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Department of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies at Michigan State University who makes information graphics to visualize some issues surrounding food.

There’s The Food System and Epidemics, Organic Farm Concentration, but the most damning of all is the whole series of charts that illustrate the consolidation and ownership of organic brands by mega-corporations.

Click the photo above to view larger.

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