Periodic Table in Cupcakes


Katherine, who runs Foodie Friday helped her sister whip up a batch of awesome Periodic Table Cupcakes for what was surely the best birthday party ever.  You know, if your into chemistry and periodic elements and all that.  Which we are, so we’re incredibly jealous.

Kartherine says:

She’s a chemistry nerd, so everything had to be exactly correct.  Astute chem majors will notice the color-coded icing for solids, liquids, and gases, as well as the empty cupcake liner for as-yet-undiscovered element ununseptium. […]

Shoutouts to Ellie and Marissa for helping with the other metals, metalloids, and nonmetals, as well as to the best four elements on the table: Berkelium, Californium, Lawrencium, and Seaborgium.  Oh, what?  Stanfurdium?  What?  Oh, sorry, there isn’t one.  Boom.

Very cute.  And tasty looking.


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