Twitter recipes

If you’re looking for quick and dirty recipes in 140 characters or less you should start following @cookbook.  Can’t guarantee the quality of the recipes from the Northern Ireland woman, but at least they’ll be easy to follow and are a remarkable act of reduction.  

To wit:

Honeyed Tagine: brwn lb/500g yam or lamb/T oil&butter/t tumeric&ging&s+p&cinn; +c onion&carrot9m; +c broth/3T honey/9prune. [email protected]/205C.

Biscotti: mix 1/3c sug/3T oil/egg/t anise flavr; +c flour/t bkgpwdr. Roll log to fit bkgpan; pat down. [email protected]/190C. Slice~14; brwn+6m/side.

The entire NY Times article is worth perusing.

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