Bake Tweet gives you the heads up on piping hot bakery goodness

The best part of being an early bird is walking by the lonely bakeries at 6 a.m.  Fresh bread, scones, muffins and cookies – that sugary, warmth floating through the crisp air.  But often times, the reality of the bakery is far from the ideal.  You show up and wait in long lines (depending on how popular the bakery is) only to get cold, hard menu items.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to find out when those items arrived fresh out of the oven?

Enter Baker Tweet:  a service which allows bakeries to tweet when their bread and other sundries are fresh from the oven.  When you rip them apart and steam rises from the middle.  The service was created by Poke London, a digital media company, for various bakeries throughout London, UK.

Unfortunately, it’s not here in the states.

Proving that Twitter is good for something beyond narcissistic updates and funny one-liners, Baker Tweet is finally providing a useful and ingenious application for Twitter – sending subscribers 140-character notices of daily specials and offering menu items once they’re pulled out of the oven.

According to Gadget Review, “The Baker Tweet is a WiFi-enabled device which is fitted with Adruino hardware and some software installed and is able to say what pastry has just been baked and it is ready for your personal customization.”  It allows the baker to keep computers and technical gadgetry out of the cooking space because the small box is mounted onto the wall, connected to the ovens and Twitter.  


I’d love to see more restaurants take advantage of this with reservations, specials, events or here in Portland at the farmer’s markets with vendors tweeting which produce they have that’s worth buying, etc.

The potential for this is outstanding.  I understand most people probably don’t want a constant stream of updates about scones or croissants or macaroons, but once Twitter updates their service so people can organize tweets into categories (much like Tweet Deck, etc.), imagine having a category devoted solely to restaurants, dessert places, bakeries, and bars that you can access from your smartphone and filter out the other tweets when you’re on the go and looking for a quick bite.  This is about possibilities sheeple.

Check out Baker Tweet in action for Albion, a London-based bakery, over at @albionsoven.

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