Behold The Gamerator!

Shit, right now I’m lamenting the fact I’m no longer in college.  Or a recent graduate living in a debaucherous (red: nerdy) bachelor pad with my dude friends. 

Because, the Gamerator combines beer drinking (it holds a cold pony keg [half a barrel, which equates to seven cases of beer] in the stand) and videogame playing in one sweetly designed package. 

The consule comes preloaded with 85 games (from Midway and Konami!), with all the requisite joysticks, trackballs, etc.; can even tap into a subscrition to Gametap and comes loaded with Windows XP, so you can add ROMS and whatever other games you’d like to play.  

And when I say I would’ve loved to have this as a bachelor, what I really mean is I’m getting married at the end of September and though this is too late to add to my registry, this is one gift that would not be returned, re-gifted, or go unloved.

At a price of only $3,250, well, if feels a bit like we’re ripping the Gamerator company off, no? Seriously (not so much), I would leave Lady Oyster and marry this if I could.    [via]

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