Best Beers in the Pacific NW

The Pour Fool runs down his in-depth look at his favorite beers, broken down by style, his favorite breweries, broken down by state, and eventually named his best three beers and singular brewery of the year.

I believe that, in decades to come, we’ll all look back on this first decade of the 21st century as a Golden Age in the evolution of American beer. And many of its best breweries and most adventurous minds are right here in the Pacific Northwest. What follows below is, of course, just the opinions of one cranky, hyper-opinionated fifty-something guy with a long-standing love for British and Scottish ales and a growing impatience with wildly over-hopped, test-of-manhood IPAs. I look for quality first, second, and third, and quality is an all-encompassing concept. It’s about balance, drinkability, grace, and good judgment – traits which are usually not the core values of today’s younger beer lovers. Take this list, then, with an entire dairy-barn-sized salt lick and please note that, if your favorites aren’t included, that does absolutely not mean that I didn’t like them or intend any disrespect.

I’ve been salivating to try the Deschutes Imperial Stout “The Abyss.”  I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

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