Homemade Twinkies

It never occurred to me that my kryptonite, Twinkies, could actually be made at home: “To whip these bad boys together, food web site CHOW demonstrates that all you’ll need is a few common ingredients you may already have in your kitchen—eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, and vanilla. That’s all there is to the cake portion of this recipe, though if you want your treats authentically-shaped you’ll need a baking pan like this.”

CHOW does indeed have a workable recipe that seems remarkably easy to execute.  My only caveat is that historically, the Twinkie was made with banana flavored filling, but when World War II broke out, the US needed bananas for the war effort and so Hostess was forced to change the cream filling from banana to vanilla.  So, c’mon CHOW, how about giving us a recipe for banana flavoring?

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