Ketchup as Chocolate

Years ago, chef Dave Arnold went looking for a  substance that had the consistency, texture, and applicability of chocolate, but wasn’t chocolate. “A couple of years ago I got interested in alternative chocolates,” Arnold writes.  “I wanted to create foods that were hard and shiny like chocolate, melted in your mouth like chocolate, were impeccably smooth like chocolate, but didn’t taste like chocolate. I wanted them to taste like other things – so we made mustard ‘chocolate’ and ketchup ‘chocolate.'”

Basically he created savory versions of chocolate covered (whatevers). After some experimentation, he was successful. Here’s his recipe:

1 kg de-odorized cocoa butter
325 g powdered tomato (spray dried or freeze dryed)
60 grams malt vinegar powder
25 grams salt
Spices to taste (onion powder, garlic powder, etc)
60 grams mycryo (to temper)

At the link, you can read about the preparation process, as well as see photos of the results. Pictured above are bits of chicken coated in the substance. [via]

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