Making Apple Strudel with Mannfred Otte

Perfunkt are creating the most visually striking and well, appetizing food videos at the moment.  I wrote earlier about butchering with Jack O’Shea’s previously, and here they talk apple strudel with famed Berlin baker Mannfred Otte.  Their videos are sensual and evocative.

Perfunkt’s mission is simple: “We are on a never-ending quest towards perfect methods, techniques and results. Join us in the search for perfection, and share your preferred techniques in order to achieve that mind blasting boeuf bourguignon or the best way to barbecue a suckling pig. If you can´t find a topic in the top, please advise us by suggesting we add a new top topic. And visit us frequently to find out what is new. Our senses know no bounds.”

Their topics run the gamut.  I could watch these little videos all day.

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