My Weekend in Beer

Here’s what I ended up polishing off, or rather enjoyed with Lady Oyster.  None of the beers were particularly excellent, though the Hair of the Dog Ruth, which is a biting American ale, had a certain wow factor as did Victory’s Hop Wallop.  Also, the 8 Ball Stout had that earthy dirt taste that I love so much from a great stout, though it wasn’t close to being the best stout I’ve ever had.

I generally love Ninkasi, but their Double Believer Red was nothing compared to either of their delicious and hoppy beers: Tricerahops Double IPA or the Total Domination IPA.

On Deck: These are the two beers I didn’t get around to drinking but almost certainly will.  I was saving them because I really wanted to savor something.  One is the #5 from Upright Brewing, which is a relatively new brewery here in Portland.  But it’s certainly the most exciting brewery to hit the city in some time.  Their beers are classy, brewed from the historical rustic farmhouse styles of France and Belgium recipes, and complex in a way all great beers are.  #5 is their hefeweizen.

And the other one is from Dogfish Head Brewery, their Palo Santo Marron unfiltered brown ale.  It’s a mouthful at 12% abv, a rich malty sweetness on first impression with a lingering aftertaste.

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  • Amy January 12, 2010, 8:20 pm

    Lady Oyster will only be taking responsibility for ONE of the aforementioned beers.

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