The Brewing Revival

Jeremy Harrig, of Hypervocal, begins a series of essays digging into America’s current state of craft brewing.  He plans to look at NYC, Chicago, Denver and the mecca of craft brewing, Portland, Ore.  I’ll be keen on his series about Portland and probably have a few thoughts on my own.

One city in particular in the U.S. is in the midst of taking the pre-prohibition & industrialization neighborhood model to its ultimate zenith: Portland, Oregon. Beervana. There are approximately 50 breweries within Portland city limits. New brewpubs are popping up at the rate of 5-10 per year, with no signs of stopping. One can drink a different locally brewed beer every day of the year, and never repeat. Portland loves its beer and neighborhoods so much, if an establishment opens in a good location (i.e. crawling distance), with decent grub, and even middle-of-the-road beer, it will be successful.

It is certainly my ultimate dream to see every major city in the U.S. follow this model. While this is probably quite a ways off, and may never happen in some places, regional craft brewing is thriving most areas of the U.S.

Among other things, I’ll be using this space to document and assess the beer scenes across our great country.

I will say that being back in Boston, I’m surprised by how much the craft brewing scene has grown here.

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