The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange

The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange is a bar that operates on the same pricing system as the stock market — prices fluctuate based upon supply and demand purchasing.

Depending on what customers purchase, the prices will rise or fall.   “It’s an ever-evolving happy hour,” Flora said.  The prices will never go higher than around 10 percent the base cost, but will drop to as much as 50 percent below base cost.

For example, a Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale may be $3 normally.  But, depending on the “market” activity (i.e. patrons buying tendencies) it could be as much as $3.25 or as little as $1.50 (prices fluctuate in increments of 25 cents).  The prices will change every 15 minutes and there will be, at random, a “stock market crash” — signified by air horns — when all 28 beers are sold at a low rate for five minutes.

Great concept for a beer bar.  It would be great to experience this with the bar packed to the walls with people and prices fluctuating like crazy.

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