The Klondike Coke Float

Cut a Klondike bar into nine cube-sized pieces.  Drop it into a glass and poor Coke over it.  Voila

What the Klondike Float Has that Normal Floats Don’t: (Besides Coke instead of root beer..) Those little chocolate shards. You take a sip and ahh, a cold chocolate fragment to chew on a bit, then it just melts in your mouth. And at the end, there’s a pile of them, coated in cola juices, waiting for you at the bottom. Spoon them up. Smile.

What the Klondike Float Has that Normal Floats Do Have: That creamy froth layer up top from the Klondike ice cream guts. It gets all smooth and foamy faster than normal floats do because you don’t have to wait for that big hunkin’ scoop to melt.

Can You Make It With Root Beer? Sure, why not.

Thanks for ruining my diet Serious Eats.  Thanks a lot.

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