Vegans and Oysters

I’m not an ethical eater, as far as I’m concerned animals are good for two things: eating and wearing.  I understand the issues and all of the politics involved with eating massive, agro-business farm raised beef. 

And I wish I could stop eating meat or animal products, but the truth is I don’t care enough about the ethical reasons to stop.  Or I should say, I care just enough to make well-informed decisions about where I purchase my meats. 

In my head the benefits of going vegan don’t outweigh the deliciousness of rich, creamy cheeses, succulently rare steak, pork chops grilled to perfection, a rack of lamb and a glass of syrah, and ice cream so decadent you immediately put on pounds. 

All of that is preamble to say, this article on oysters and vegans by Christopher Cox for Slate is well-written argument and justification for vegans to not feel bad about eating oysters.  How Cox comes to reconcile the dichotomy of being a vegan and eating Oysters proves nly that a person can justify just about anything if they love it enough. 

“And when I pick out my dinner, I don’t ask myself: What do I have to do to remain a vegan? I ask myself: What is the right choice in this situation? Eating ethically is not a purity pissing contest, and the more vegans or vegetarians pretend that it is, the more their diets start to resemble mere fashion—and thus risk being dismissed as such,” argues Cox.  “Emerson wrote, ‘A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.’ A foolish consistency: If you resolve to give up foods that begin with the letter B, and if you stick to that for the rest of your life, you’ll be mighty consistent. You’ll even benefit the world by cutting out beef. But there’s no good reason to avoid broccoli—unless, like George H.W. Bush, you don’t like the taste. There is, on the other hand, great reason to be an inconsistent vegan and make an exception for oysters—for it is surely foolish to deprive yourself of an icy plate of white-shelled Watch Hills.”

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