Visualizing Sugar Totals in Beverages

Have you ever tried to go food shopping cognizant of the sugar totals in the food you buy? It’s daunting to consider something  as small as an 8 oz. cup of plain yogurt as 12g of sugar in it.  Plain yogurt?!? 

To that end, Eat This, Not That has created a visualization tool for the 20 worst beverages on the market, based on sugar totals.  It compares your beverage of choice (iced tea, vitamin water, energy drinks, beer, coffee drinks, etc.) to an equivalent snack with the same levels of sugar. 

But seeing vitamin water compared to two ice cream bars is a little discouraging.  Actually, it just makes me scared to think of the unintended levels of sugar my body is processing even when I’m trying to make the “healthy choice.” 

And while this isn’t a perfect solution for dieting or overall health, it is a good barometer to make healthier decisions.  Skip the sugary vitamin water and load up on vitamins and water.  [via]

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