A Disturbing Trip to the Farmer’s Market

First of all you should know right off the bat that this video was uploaded by a YouTube-user with the name “clitlove.” That’s a dead giveaway that a simple trip to the farmer’s market is anything but.

As an aside, it’s hard to tell if their website cliit.org is a parody of progressive feminism or actually earnest. It might be the most boggliest of all things.

Secondly, “I asked my dear friend and Farmer’s Market guru Farm Fresh Girl to give us a couple of pointers on buying local. Not only did she offer some great advice, she also threw in a shopping list and shared some tricks of the trade on utilizing produce and avoiding waste.”

Thirdly, that’s a simple conceit for a David Lynchian horror film that is going to ruin your day if you watch it. Seriously, there’s no going back. Consider yourself warned. OK?

[via theawl]

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