American Breweries Return to Same Levels in 1900

This graph pretty much speaks for itself, but look at the explosion of breweries since 1980. That’s incredible, considering back then there were only about 100 breweries nationwide and now most cities have a few to call their own. There’s never been a better time to be an American beer lover.

Like it or not you really have to give credit to the big microbreweries (not really micro anymore) like Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Harpoon, Dogfish Head, Anchor Steam that led the way. What would be an interesting comparison, aside from raw data, is the amount of craft/micro brews consumed by the American public as a percentage of total beer consumption between 1900 and the present day.

Anyway, the data points are based on every decade, save for 1919 — when the 21st Amendment was passed — and 1936, which was the year Prohibition ended. [via reddit]

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