Apple Fritter Donuts

Apple cider donuts are a distinctly New England fall treat. The cinnamon and cider bursting through a sugary coated cake donut is the perfect apple picking accoutrement.

Apple fritter donuts are a close approximation and Cook Republic has an easy enough recipe to make this.

“The fritters were golden to a perfection and by the time he finished plating them with a dusting of sugar, I literally had stars in my eyes. They remain till date, the best fritters I have ever had. And Nick has not made them in almost 15 years. That is why I savour truly special sights, tastes and moments. You never know if you’ll ever experience them again. This is my version of that glorious apple fritter, an ode to that confining moment of our relationship. I call it a donut, because that is exactly what it looks like and the kids find it amusing that a donut has an apple inside.”

Now imagine this with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream on it? [via uniquedaily]

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