“As this stuff drips into me I feel like a goose being prepped for foie gras.”

Rogert Ebert writes about what life is like when you eat your food through a feeding tube.

Now why am I writing about this in the first place? Because so many people don’t understand it. Every day my radar picks up subtle signs of people who wonder what the deal is. How do I eat and drink? What’s going on? Do I actually have a tube going into my stomach? Yes, and they do too. It’s in their throats.

I feel the that the less mystery we make about life and illness, the better. When people know what’s going on with me, they’re not nearly as freaked out as you might imagine. My body may be ready for the Texas Chainsaw Museum, but I’m here, and it’s a beautiful day, and my numbers are just great.

It’s been pretty amazing to follow Ebert’s medical problems, as he writes on them so eloquently, in an attempt to demystify the experience and normalize things like feeding tubes. It’s going to be a sad day when he finally signs off.

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