Bizarre Foods Indeed

“What’s really irksome is the idea that traditionally the paternal grandfather eats the foreskin after its been snipped and while that concept is strange enough, sitting in a room 5 feet away from him I realize that he doesn’t have to eat it himself, he can give it away to anyone else in the room as long as they hold an honored position at the event. So while the boys dad is out in the street unable to watch at all, I on the other hand am right in front of grandpa with a sign on my head that says HONORED GUEST in big red neon.”

Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, on the possibility of having to eat the foreskin of a just circumcised Malagasy five-year-old, which is typically eaten with a banana by the paternal grandpa. He didn’t. And says he couldn’t cross that line.

But I ask, if Tom Cruise can eat Katie Holmes’s placenta, why can’t Zimmern eat a little foreskin?

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