Boston’s Farm-to-Table Renaissance

Smithsonian Magazine examines three restaurants in Boston that are practicing the farm-to-table ethics. All three are high on my list to try: Henrietta’s Table, Craigie on Main and Hungry Mother. Wish the article was a bit more informative, instead of just feeling like a PR piece for the three restaurants.

Farm-to-table cooking has swept the United States, and in the Boston area the movement is fueled by a sense of history and a respect for farmers who wrestle crops from a climate that is rarely described as forgiving. It makes sense that the local foods movement was largely born in sunny California, but in Boston the trend has taken root with exceptional fervor, not unlike an overwintered parsnip. Farm-to-table chefs like Maiden tend to print their menus daily as they ride the roller coaster of the region’s weather, all within close proximity to one of the sites where American cuisine was born.

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