Carl Sagan’s Astronom O’s Cereal

Sure, this geeky nom-nom-nom breakfast started out as a joke between astronomers on Twitter, but now it’s in prototype form! And if anyone could sell me the deliciousness of the Milky Way in marshmellowy and cereal form, it would only be Carl Sagan. After all, athletes sell us cereal all the time, but why not scientists?

Over at Mad Art Lab, Steve took the joke and ran with it: “I used Frosted Cheerios with the stars and moons from Lucky Charms. Yes, I actually sifted through an entire box of Lucky Charms, picking out the stars (well, shooting stars, at least) and moons. These two cereals just happen to be made by the same company, so this is totally doable. Are you listening, General Mills?”

Here’s to hoping Steve gets around to making that six-pack varietal he’s been dreaming of. [via TDW Geek]

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  • Joshua April 12, 2011, 1:41 pm

    I thought it was about cereal? If you really want to change something get off your ass and go do it Rowland. Stop bitching on the net about how bad things are and how you have all the answers….Lameduck.

  • Rowland K Carver March 17, 2011, 6:36 pm

    If we got rid of our legislators the world would be a better place. First they offered new homes for everyone, then allowed the mortgage money to be lent out unchecked, then allowed the mortgages to be bundled and sold by Wall Street,; and now they want to allow the farmers and oil companies to do whatever they want.