Drinking and Driving and Playing Video Games

Back in college, a few friends and I would get together for competitive games of the racing game Rush. It was a good way to kill a few minutes before going to the cafeteria or before a frat party. Invariably, the game would also be there when we got home from the frats and yes, trying to race in a video game while intoxicated is a great way to learn that one can’t and definitely shouldn’t attempt to drive drunk for realzies. Also? When you die in the video game you can just put more quarters in. Not so much in real life.

Basically, that cautionary tale is just preamble to say that “the Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade From Dream Arcades is a home machine designed for driving simulators that includes a built-in kegerator and two taps, one in the trunk and one in the dash. The one in the dash sits above a cupholder too SO YOU CAN POUR BETWEEN TURNS.” This is such a steal for $6000 because it comes with 12 classic driving games. Plus? Beer. Oh. And?  Yeah, this is pretty much what I’d buy if I were Tom Hanks in Big.

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