Girl Scouts Downsizing Their Cookie Offerings

It seems the economic turbulence that has plagued America and shaken her confidence over the last year and a half, will trickle down to the purest form of capitalism still left in America — Girl Scout Cookies.

To cut costs and increase revenue, many Girl Scout troops are trimming the fat by reducing their offerings to six cookies.  Don’t worry though, the same six cookies you buy every year will still be offered:

Chocolaty Thin Mints, crunchy peanut-buttery Do-Si-Dos and buttery Trefoils shortbread don’t need to fret. The Girl Scouts governing body has told the two commercial bakers the scouts deal with that they must produce those three every year. Likewise, Samoas (called Caramel deLites in some parts of the country) and Lemon Chalet Cremes will also have a place in the pantry this year. So, too, Tagalongs (also known as Peanut Butter Patties).

Does anyone really eat anything aside from those six cookies?  Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs for me please.  All other cookies can exit stage right.

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