Great Lakes Brewing Rolling Out Christmas Ale Ice Cream

Mitchell’s Ice Cream and Great Lakes Brewing Co. have teamed up to turn leftover Christmas Ale (which is supposed to be incredible) ito Christmas Ale Ginger Snap ice cream.

NewsNet5 reports:

The new flavor will incorporate residual Christmas Ale that’s leftover from the bottling process, as well as local honey and homemade ginger snaps.Christmas Ale Ginger Snap will be released on Nov. 1 and can be found at Mitchell’s five locations in Northeast Ohio. The cinnamon-seasoned ice cream can also be purchased for dessert and in to-go pints at Great Lakes Brewery.

October 25 marks the tap date for Christmas Ale. I’m already salivating and dreaming up some beer ice cream flavors of my own for this winter.

Ryan Stewart, you’re going to have to get me both the beer and ice cream if you can and send it my way. Not sure any place in Boston sells GLBC. [via clevelandscene]

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