Make Girl Scout Cookies at Home

Seattle Weekly got tired of the minuscule three-week window in which the Girl Scouts of America peddle their delicious cookies to salivating addicts.  So, they decided to pull their resources and test out the best recipes to make Thin Mints, Samoas, Tag-a-Longs, et al. at home.

Oh, joy of joys, the Thin Mints tasted almost exactly like real Thin Mints! Which meant the entire batch was devoured before we could take pictures of the cookies. (If I were to be perfectly honest, our Thin Mint creations were gone before the chocolate hardened all the way. I think I’m more embarrassed about this than about the three more episodes of Jersey Shore we watched.)The Samoas, on the other hand, stuck around long enough for us to take pictures. I’ve personally never tried Samoas, mostly due to my lifelong aversion to anything coconut, but if these cookies are any indication, I definitely need to reassess. The Samoas were incredibly good, and my friends assured me that they tasted pretty damn close to the real product, so that recipe was a success too.

I know a baker, and me sir am no baker. The recipes look much too complicated and so, as clever as this is, I’d rather just shell out the $4 per box.

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