Presso: Hand-Cranked Espresso

The Presso Espresso Coffee Maker is a fairly simple piece of machinery.  Just pour in the boiled water and then supply some elbow grease by pushing down on the two handles to produce a cup (or two) of espresso.  If you’re paying top dollar for coffee beans, you might as well have a piece of machinery to bring about the best those beans offer.

Every morning should start with a double shot of caffeine to get the engine neurons lubed up and firing. It’s only $150, which seems steep in comparison to the $30 you would normally spend on Mr. Coffee. It’s also made from recycled aluminum and claims to have the smallest carbon footprint of any coffee maker, which I couldn’t care less about, so long as it makes a rich cup of espresso.  It looks sturdy and big.

[via coolmaterial]

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