Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time – Sidepork Pandemonium

This is great!  Some enterprising Swedish folks have paid homage to the Epic Meal Time guys by teaching the world to angrily cook Swedish bacon. The enduring lesson here, whether you’re cooking epic meat meals or just ordinary meals in Sweden is that in the year 2011 we must conquer our food and show it who’s boss.

“Trolls (who doesnt understand our sarcasm, or that we are merely inspired by EpicMealTime and this is more a parody thing) will be destroyed.  Enjoy the food. And remember: Pre-dinner mayo is GOOD FOR YOU!”

Anyways, I couldn’t stop laughing at this. I grew some chest hair just watching this video.  And when the day finally comes when the internet gets a cooking showdown between Epic Meal Time and Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time, surely the world will come to an end and we will all rapture to Valhalla feasting on sidepork pandemonium (which, btw, is the name of my new ska band).  [via reddit]

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