Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

It might be blasphemous around these parts in Boston to praise anything other than Dunkin’ Donuts’ ice coffee, but I’m mighty pissed about moving from Portland and not having the chance to try Stumptown‘s cold brew coffee.  The bottles look like a Red Stripe bottle and were designed by Jessie Whipple Vickery at Kunstkraft.

Currently, the little stubbies are only for sale in their Portland locations and I can only imagine how tasty this would be come the summer mornings. It’s possible they will eventually arrive at their NYC location (29th and Broadway for all you NYC’ers) and it makes me desperate for them to open a Boston location.

Luckily for me, I just cracked into my last bag of Hairbender, which I plan on savoring for the next two weeks because after that it’s coffee bean wasteland here in Boston. Hopefully, one of my dear Portland friends/readers would be willing to send me a Stumptown care package? [thanks to the few of you who sent this in]

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