The Coffee Joulies

What is this devil’s madness? Apparently, some scientist/magician (there are sometimes one in the same) decided to solve one of the five greatest conundrums facing the world today — how to cool down a hot cup of coffee to an drinkable temperature, while then keeping the coffee at that warm temperature for an indeterminate amount of time.

It’s really the holy grail of coffee technology. The stainless steel coffee bean you see above, has something inside of it that kicks in like a turbo booster absorbing hot coffee when it is around 140 degrees, cools it off three times faster than it would left to its druthers and then, get this, takes that absorbed stored energy returns it back to the coffee, which keeps it warm twice as long as it would in just a regular old mug. Fuck. Yes.

Unfortunately, the magic beans aren’t available to purchase in a store, but if you bop on over to their Kickstarter, a $40 donation will get you a set of five when they go into production. Currently, the project has raised five times their stated goal.

Really, at what point does the world just give mechanical engineers Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson, the duo behind this project, a Nobel Prize of some sort. Perhaps maybe just a high five and a man hug will do? [via Technabob]

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  • dave April 3, 2011, 6:34 pm

    Gimmick, who wants a stainless steel bean in the teeth?
    He used 3 for 1 coffee in the video thats now 4 things to wash per person per coffee plus you will just look like a fool pulling stainless steel beans out of your pocket and putting the into your coffee.