The Kraft Cheese Bunker: Definitely the Opposite of Nom Nom Nom

This is disturbing on some many levels, the least of which, is the realization that somehow Kraft Cheese products are considered food-based substances.

Nearly every ounce of Kraft cheese product—from Velveeta to Kraft Singles—spends part of its life in a 680-pound container inside this 400,000-square-foot subterranean fridge. It’s not about aging, it’s about cheap storage: Moving refrigeration underground saves massive amounts of energy, since the temperature 100 feet down is a constant 58 degrees Fahrenheit. An aboveground pump sends 13,000 gallons of chilled brine through the system every day, keeping the warehouse at a cool 36 degrees. The Kraft facility is actually part of a massive complex that started as a limestone mine in 1946. (The mine is still operational, but a substantial earthen buffer shields the employees of Kraft and other companies from regular explosions.)

Vats and vats and vats of cheese products as far as the eye can stretch.  It’s like the special room dedicated to special artifacts at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, except that instead of special artifacts they’re storing artificial cheese compounds.  Whatever the expression for the opposite of nom, nom, nom, is, it’s the picture above.

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