Upright Brewing: Two Years and Counting

Back in March, Portland’s Upright Brewing celebrated its 2nd Anniversary with a party at the brewery and the bottle release of Four Play. The brewery, led by brewmaster/owner Alex Ganum, started out only brewing Belgian farmhouse style ales.

They’ve really come a long way in just two years with, according to The New School, “more and more experimental beers and out-of-the-box styles, expanded production and distribution, and perhaps most significantly, a change to a new yeast strain that is slowly rolling out right now.”

Behind The Pint presents a video looking back at the past and into the future of Upright Brewing, compiling footage from the brewery’s second anniversary party and an interview with Ganum.

I’m not going out on a limb by saying that Upright is one of America’s best breweries and given the right amount of time, wider distribution and media attention the rest of the beer world will soon come to realize that.

This is also probably the time to say that all of Ritch Marvin’s beer videos are worth watching from Behind the Pint. It’s one of the best beer-related content places going.

It also makes me realize I need to get a friend to ship a case of Upright Brews to Boston for the summer. Note to self.

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