Whitehouse Homebrewing

President Obama became the first American to preside over a homebrewed beer, brewed at the Whitehouse, when he served a honey ale during the Super Bowl.

The White House Honey Ale was not the first time the White House chefs have homebrewed. You don’t serve your very first fermentation experiment to special visitors, do you? The President and Mrs. Obama’s Super Bowl guest list mixed glamor with politics: Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband, singer Marc Anthony mingled with a smattering of Cabinet Secretaries, Members of Congress, and First Family friends.

But Super Bowl Sunday was the first time there was an announcement about homebrewed beer, because clearly the White House is aware that it’s special; the bottle labels for the White House Honey Ale were created in-house, to mark the occasion.

And the homebrewing is going to continue.

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