100 Best Brewers in the World

Ratebeer held a competition to suss out the 50 best beers in the world, the 50 best beers in America, and 100 best brewers the world has to offer. Of the 12,000 brewers rated, these are the 100 best. Not many surprises for the most part. If you’re really into beer. My only complaint is I wish ratebeer was more forthcoming about how theses lists were made.

Anyway, before you ask, Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout was America’s best beer, Three Floyds Brewery in Indiana was the top brewer and the best been in the world belonged to Westvleteren 12. Interestingly enough, on the world list, Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout came in third ahead of Founder’s KBC; yet, on America’s best beer list Goose Island’s BCS ranked 14th. So there’s a little inconsistency there.

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