Burger King’s Menu Problem

Burger King used to be regarded as the Pepsi to McDonald’s Coke, however, in recent years sales at the burger chain have slumped drastically. It’s forced the company to undergo an overhaul of its menu, which features healthier menu items. The AP looks at the pains Burger King has gone through to stay competitive in the face of Subway and Starbucks becoming the number two and three fast food chains, respectively.

What’s most interesting is the various excuses given for the decline and the company’s clueless think tank to try and figure out the problem. I think it comes down to quality and overall experience. Place like In-N-Out or Five Guys are doing just fine because everything is made to order and fast. Both of those chains only make burgers, they have simple menus, but the food just seems better than what you get at Burger King, McDonald’s or Wendy’s.

If Burger King really wanted to reinvent itself, all it should do is pare down its menu and use slightly better/fresher ingredients, cook everything to order, make the interior experience feel closer to an actual restaurant (perhaps by offering beer?) and throw in a few perks like free wi-fi.

Sometimes it feels like fast food places — thinking of Dominoes recent quality overall — have no clue regarding its own industry.

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