Go Halfsies

“The idea behind Halfsies is that participating restaurant-goers are only served a dish that is half the size of the normal menu items, and that the remaining value in the dish is put to a better purpose. What restaurants don’t put on the table, they donate as cash to groups working on food insecurity, homelessness, and hunger,” writes Fast Company Exist.

The company, started by four friends in Austin, Texas, is still trying to workout how the donations will work with restaurants. Spokesperson Linsey McNew says about 60% of proceeds will go to local charities, 30% to international groups, and 5% to 10% to run the organization. It sounds like customers will essentially be paying full-price for a half-portion of food. So, let’s say you buy a pasta dish for $20. You essentially get $10 worth of food for $20 and then the restaurant kicks the charity $10 on the food cost savings.

Great idea, but I can’t imagine any person going out to eat and being excited by this premise. I like charity as much as the next community-minded person, but if I go out to eat, I’m taking leftovers home with me for the next day.

Still, I love the concept and hope it succeeds.

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