“It’s Like Seeing a Black Unicorn”

The Chicago Sun-Times has a great profile of Abigail B. Titcomb, a beer-brewing unicorn, according to Three Floyds Brewery‘s head brewer Chris Boggess.

On a recent workday, the art school dropout and longtime bartender cases the joint in less than fashionable brown rubber boots. Her black T-shirt is splattered with mashed grain. Her flowing blond locks are tied back in a ponytail. She even smells like, well, a brewery.

“It’s not about men vs. women,” Titcomb says. “It’s always about being the best brewer, making the best beer possible.”

And at Three Floyds — Ratebeer.com’s “World’s Best Brewery” four years running — Titcomb has her hands in crafting dozens of beers including one of the most sought after Russian Imperial Stouts in the world, Dark Lord, a beer so special that thousands of beer geeks flock to the Munster industrial park on the last Saturday in April for an annual chance for a taste.

Titcomb can’t believe she’s part of the crew. Not too long ago, she doubted her chance at finding a career that made her happy.

The only problem with this profile of Three Floyds and Titcomb is it isn’t long enough. I could’ve read for another 2,000 words on both the brewery and other female brewers. Easily.

[via Hypervocal]

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