Jack Daniels Rides the White Lightening

Jack Daniel’s Unaged Rye Whiskey — described as having “a sweet and fruity smell, plenty of rye bite, and a crisp, dry finish” — will be available in Tennessee in December for $50. It’s the distillery’s first new mashbill in about 100 years.

“Jack Daniel’s has a unique quality where we are similar to a bourbon but not quite. One thing we have to consider if we do a rye is that we become like everybody else and we are enjoying having this spot over here by ourselves. You don’t want to go and mimic the number two seller when you’re the first,” master distiller Jeff Arnett said to The Spirits Business.

Love this to no end. It’s a great compliment to Jack Daniel’s other bourbons, but also a nice homage to Tennessee’s moonshine/prohibition era. [via thenewsgal]

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