My Favorite Neighbor is a Bar

Clair Zulky lives in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago and says her favorite neighbor is a bar by the name of Ollie’s.

But the fact that we don’t go to Ollie’s often doesn’t stop us from loving it. As the reviews said above, Miss Ollie is a neighborhood institution herself. “There’s Ollie!” my husband and I point out whenever we see her on the street, often meeting the driver of a Miller High Life semi in the early morning.

We like Ollie because she’s sweet, because she runs a tight ship (for a fun-filled dive bar directly across the street from us, Ollie’s and its patrons are remarkably polite and quiet at night) and because she sometimes puts out dog treats, which our greyhound appreciates. Last holiday season we gave Ollie a plastic box shaped like a Christmas tree filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates just because we wanted to say thanks for being in the neighborhood. I don’t think she knows us, but she probably semi-recognizes us when we walk by, especially if we have the dog.

The dive bar feels a bit like the guardian angel of our neighborhood. Cops cruise our street often and thanks to the couple of times we accidentally hit the “panic” button on our alarm system, we know we’d quickly get help in an emergency, but sometimes I think that if our place was on fire and I ran out of the house in my pajamas, I’d run to Ollie’s.

This is a perfect addendum to my post last week about why a good bar is essential to a good neighborhood. [via coudal]

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