Bruce Lee Schills for Johnnie Walker

Forty years after his death, iconic and legendary martial artist Bruce Lee has been digitally reincarnated to sell alcohol — something he abstained from when he was alive.

Questionable misuse of Lee’s image to sell something he abhorred and irony aside, this 90-second commercial produced by ad agency BBH China is phenomenal. You don’t even know it’s an ad until the very end. The agency hired Hong Kong actor Danny Chan to play Lee in the commercial and digitally altered his face to look like Lee’s.

Definitely check out the behind-the-scenes video on how the ad was made. This isn’t the first time a dead celebrity has been used to sell a product, nor will it be the last. Fred Astaire put his dance skills to good use for a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner and a cartoon Frank Sinatra implored us on the virtues of Lipton “Brisk” iced tea. [via time]

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