Hamilton Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Making a breakfast sandwich doesn’t really require a fancy gadget like this — especially when you factor in the $30 price tag — but, damn if this isn’t effective marketing. This is the classic example of a pointless kitchen gadget you buy, use once, and then three years later wonder why the fuck it’s still taking up space in your kitchen.

BUT, I’m already humming this tune, imagining how amazing and sunny my Saturday mornings could be if I could just make a breakfast sandwich in this machine!

I would pop out of bed wearing a giant smile, run to the kitchen and start making a sandwich! Then, blue birds would land on my back deck and sing to me! I would hit the lottery! Things would just happen as they should!

Of course, that’s the complete opposite of every morning I’ve ever had, but it’s probably because I’m not using this breakfast sandwich maker.

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