In Focus Launches

Alan Taylor, former purveyor of the Boston Globe’s Big Picture photoblog, has gone live with his new endeavor at The Atlantic: In Focus. It’s the same concept as before, but I like the added feature of being able to switch from a 1024px or 1280px width. It’s the little things. So far, he’s posted four stories, all of them worth your time.

You can follow the site via Twitter, Facebook, or RSS.

How to get the most out of In Focus

– Take advantage of the opportunity to see the photos at the largest possible size. The site is optimized for screen widths of 1,280 pixels or more – if your monitor and bandwidth can handle. Look for the “1024 or 1280” checkboxes at the top right of an entry page.

– Use keyboard shortcuts. When viewing an entry page, scrolling from image to image can be an inexact science: so use the “j” and “k” keys or the left and right arrow keys to move down or up within an entry.

– Take your time. These photographs are often meant to be lingered over, letting the details become apparent. Allow yourself to be immersed.

– Not every point of view/group/nationality will be represented in every entry. For instance, if I post an entry with 36 photos called “New Years around the World”, and don’t feature a photo from Hawaii – don’t read anything into that. There are a thousand reasons why Hawaii might have been left out (no photos available to me, available photos weren’t that great, available photos were good, but didn’t make the final cut, etc.). Just because I left a photo out, please don’t conclude that I have an anti-Hawaii bias.

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