Best of MetaFilter Blog

Like Reddit, MetaFilter is a community-driven content site. Unlike Reddit, MetaFilter users tend to offer more intelligent, contextualized posts containing multiple links.

As far as analogies goes, MetaFilter is like the cool, older brother that went off to get a history PhD, while Reddit is the younger brother still in high school balancing his time between video games, current events and other interests.

Anyway, this isn’t a comparison between Reddit and MetaFilter (although that would make an interesting feature), this is to say that the problem with sites like Reddit and MetaFilter is the river of information flowing across these sites is sometimes too overwhelming to constantly keep track of. That’s why I love the new blog MetaFilter launched to highlight what the community considers “Best Of” posts.

“It seems these days someone involved in a story or highly knowledgeable about a MeFi post or Ask MeFi question pops in to leave some incredible information and I’ve always wanted a place to better highlight those kinds of things and this is it,” writes MeFi-founder Matt Haughey.

The presentation is great, featuring videos and photos — something not found on MetaFilter — and packages exceptional comments and other ephemera into a convenient blog structure.

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