In Praise of VICE: Japan’s Suicide Forest, Illegally Crossing the Border, and Stalking the Paparazzi

I’ve watched three excellent exposés courtesy of VICE Magazine this past week. They are all really fascinating stories and prime examples for the excellent journalism the media company continually pumps out. It’s worth noting, however, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. At some point today, I’ll read and watch Benjamin Hall’s story about spending four days with Syria’s free army.

Japan’s Suicide Forest

Geologist Azusa Hayano visits the Aokigahara Forest, the most popular suicide destination in Japan.

Illegally Crossing the US-Mexico Border

To find out precisely how thousands of Mexicans illegally cross the US border every year, VICE reporters went to El Alberto, Mexico to film the experience.

Stalking the Paparazzi

Steven Randolph and videographer Steven Perilloux turn the tables on the celebrity-stalking Paparazzi to find out more about the kind of person that would enter such a seedy profession.

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