‘10,000 BC’ teaser trailer

Roland Emmerich is an interesting filmmaker.? You look at the movies he’s made over the years and it’s a somewhat impressive list, albeit, in the Michael Bay/Steven Sommers vein.

They’re big, they’re audacious, they’re sort of cheesy, they’re highly entertaining for brief periods at a time and they want you to think they’re smarter films than they actually are.

Emmerich is responsible for Stargate, Godzilla, Independence Day, The Patriot, Universal Soldier and The Day After Tommorrow (otherwise known as two days from now).

With the exception of the turd Godzilla, all of his movies have enough great moments to severely outweigh the negative. His newest flick is one that could be magnificent or it could be mind-boggling bad.? I don’t see how there is any room in the middle.

He’s gone and crafted a movie about life in the year 10,000 BC.? Lots of Wholly Mammoths, and strange creatures, lots of primitive humans no doubt learning to hunter and gather and build pyramids to boot.? Word is this isn’t like Stargate, where a team of scientists travelled to another realm, this is a straight up historical picture taking place so many years ago.

For now, we’re curious enough that we’ll follow it’s developments into theaters.? Especially since it stars one of our favorite Hollywood lasses, Camilla Belle.? And Omar Sheriff too!? Head over to Yahoo Movies to scope out the trailer.

10,000 BC hits theaters on March 7, 2008.

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