Bond’s new enemy?

Fox News’s Roger Friedman (shudder), is insisting, despite the silence, that actor Mathieu Amalric has been cast as the villian in James Bond double-doose. Amalric was best known for his turn in Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Those that have seen the flick, insiste he turned in an Oscar caliber performance.

I like that they are casting relatively unknown Europeans as the baddies in the latest Bond flicks. The unknown is scary.

Even though sources insist it’s true, Amalric would neither confirm nor deny. Since his “Diving Bell” character communicates through blinking, we thought of asking him to do just that ? one for yes, two for no ? but thought better of it. Anyway, expect a formal announcement shortly. This is a done deal.

Those are Friedman’s words, not ours. There is no confirmation on this, but that’s pretty strong language. Also, a sidebit but singer Leona Lewis was mentioned as singing the theme song for the next movie.

Photo of Bond’s new enemy.



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