20,000 Miles on a Horse

Thanks to The Head Researcher for pointing this out to us. He picked this up from a Phantasy Tour thread. I guess one of the filmmakers was out promoting it.

Here’s the gist.

“It’s a documentary about an American and a Russian that rode on horseback from Argentina to Alaska. It took them five years (88-93, I belive) and lead them through fourteen countries. The best part is, they shot over 250 hours of video of their trip. There are some pretty amazing moments in there.

We heard about the story, then asked them to send us a few tapes, to see if they were any good. Turns out they were, so we asked them to send them all to us. The tapes were a mess, they had been sitting in a garage for 10 years. The guys were going to edit it themselves, but never got around to it.

The tapes were horribly labeled, so you didn’t know what was on a tape, what country it was from, or what year it was from. They shot on a variety of formats – SHVS, Hi-8, slides, photos, audio tapes, etc. Some of the tapes were fucked up and wouldn’t play, so we had to get them fixed. Once all the tapes were fixed, we had to dub them all to Beta, so we could import them into the Avid and start editing.

We tracked down the guys and did some interviews and shot some b-roll, just to flesh out the story. We whittled it down 2 hours and now we’re doing the festival circuit in hopes of getting distribution.

Sounds very cool.? What’s really cool though is you can watch the movie for free over at Independent Features.? It’s playing now as part of an online film festival and if it wins, the picture will likely get theatrical distribution.

If we get some time, we’ll try to watch it and let you know what we think.

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  • Darrell Vines July 11, 2007, 12:22 pm

    Where is “20,000 Miles on a Horse” being shown? Anywhere in Texas?

    Will the film be available in DVD form at some point in the future?

    Thanks for your response.