Another recommendation for Ken Burns’s “The War”

I’d just like to reiterate Jim’s recommendation for the new Ken Burns documentary series The War. There is a tiny group of documentarians who seem to always bat a thousand. Bud Greenspan, who does the bio sketches of Olympic athletes during the Games and the film summaries after, Barbara Kopple (Harlan County USA, American Dream), Errol Morris (Gates of Heaven, A Brief History of Time, The Fog of War). M a y b e . . . Michael Moore.

Even among these leading lights, Burns is in a category by himself. He captures not only the humanity of his subjects, but is able to frame them incredibly well within a cultural and historical context. Certainly the longer format afforded by a multi-episode documentary series contributes to that ability. But he is so consistently great, I have to credit Burns himself. Think of the resonance of The Civil War, the exuberance of Jazz, the racial subtext alongside the affection for Baseball. If your not watching him now, you should be saving your money for when The War is released on DVD (Oct. 2).


Is he a Red Sox fan or a Brooklyn Dodgers fan?

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